Willows Peak

"With dear Scott in a grave you will lay"


Willows Peak is a small park somewhere near Caught's home, it has a play structure and is bordered by what appear to be thick woods. It has appeared in both "Learn to Play" and "Willows Peak". It is also the location of the body of Scott, from the Runner's Journal, which Natalie encounters after it seems to briefly reanimate and call to her. The figure seen killing Scott in the "Willows Peak Tape", has been accused of being 1AmTheHelp3r.


Willows Peak was first seen in "Learn to Play" when Caught is exploring playgrounds in search of a clue from RoivasSevil. There he finds several pieces of children's clothing but no clues can be found.

The next visit to Willows Peak is much more substantial. Natalie, visiting alone, finds not only the deceased (but still mobile) body of Scott, but also a large bloody pit and several chess boards. Most importantly she recovers a DV tape and a large decorative glass jar. There are several instances of paranormal effects in this area, including the (seemingly) reanimated body of Scott, who follows and calls to Natalie as she searches the woods, as well as the immediately disappearance of any evidence of the encounter when Caught arrives on the scene. This would also seem to be the same location where Scott was murdered by a cloaked figure (implied to be 1AmTheHelp3r).