Willows Peak Tape

The only salvageable footage from the DV tape Natalie found in willows peak park.

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Willows Peak Tape was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on March 31st, 2012. It is 1:57 minutes long.

Willows Peak Tape shows several choppy and distorted video pieces compiled into a single tape. Seen are several takes of a grainy black and white landscape, a flurry of images including blue-eyed Butterflies, and the death of the Body seen at Willows Peak.

Additional Information

The Murder

In the middle of the tape, the presumed murder can be witnessed of a cloaked figure butchering "The Body" from Willows Peak. It appears that the killer is wearing a long coat or robe and is leaning over the body which is tied to the tree stump. A third person, the filmographer, witnesses the action of the killer and approaches before being spotted by the hooded figure and fleeing. The fate of the filmographer is unclear. It has been confirmed that "The Body" is Scott, from 925 Cranbrook Dr, though the identity of the murderer has been disputed it has been heavily implied to have been 1AmTheHelp3r.

The Butterflies

The quick images of butterflies near the end of the video suggests that they have some degree of importance either in the events of Willows Peak or in upcoming issues. The blue eyes have been explained as merely the way that RoivasSevil "sees" the Butterflies, and has referred to it as their 'Light', which is a concept similar to love or soul. The intensity of the blue seems to be relative to the amount of light they have available to give towards the family. According to RoivasSevil, all people have 'light' but its only visible in some.


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

To me the breathing during the middle bit with the hooded man, only become audible when the filmer gets close to the killing. That and the difference in shades, shape and presence of a hood differentiate the robe from the coat Caught wears during A Long Night. Leading me to believe that 1amtheHelp3r is the figure in the woods. This would seem to support the idea that RoivasSevil is warning us against trusting "The Beast".

The landscape looks similar to the landscape in RoivasSevil's first video.

Further Speculation

The same long coat Caught was wearing, wasn't it? Not good. ~ PachucoDesigns on YouTube

It certainly looks like it /: It'd explain how he got there so fast. ~ Feetontheceiling on YouTube

This seems to say that the person who filmed all this (quite recently) was Roivas as they knew where the body could be found so as to plant the tape on it containing a message that is directed at Caught. ~ Expression on Unfiction